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Host ID: 120
episodes: 5

1067 - echo 01 > /dev/random | 2012-09-04

In this long winded episode we are joined by Pokey, we discuss many things and many laughs are had. There are no links for the shownotes because pegwole may or may not have lost them all. By "may or may not" we mean he totally did. This show contains swears.

0971 - /dev/random episode 00 | 2012-04-23

/dev/random SHOWNOTES:

Drizzle DB

Horde's Backdoor

Horde Android App

Lego ZX81

The Value of Debian's Code.

WebKit CSS to be Supported by Microsoft, Mozilla, and Opera

Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.1

VLC 2.0 Released

Ethical hacker jailed for discovering Facebook security vulnerabilities

DARPA's Avatar Project

WindowMaker 0.95.2 Released

0530 - Setting up the samson C01u in linux | 2010-03-18

pegwole explains how to set up the samson C01u in linux

0488 - Pegwole interviews Debbie Nicholson | 2009-11-27

At Ohio Linux Fest 2009, Pegwole sits down for a lil' chat with FSF's Debbie Nicholson.

0455 - Interview with Dann at OLF | 2009-09-30

pegwole interviews Dann at OLF

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