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hpr0690 :: Resources for Autodidacts

Released on 2011-03-25 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

Proposal for a new HPR "series"

What web resources (instructional sites, podcasts, video tutorials) and dead-tree resources have you found helpful in learning Linux, programming, and F/LOSS software?  In the tradition of our standard contributor podcasts (like “How I Got Started with Linux” or “My First Computer”), Curbuntu proposes an ongoing category in which we share these learning resources with each other.

The topic is kicked off with these suggestions:

hpr0645 :: The Dinosaur's Dilemma

Released on 2011-01-21 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

Intro: Most of us grow into our computer knowledge gradually, starting because of an innate curiosity, figuring things out through trial and error, desiring to accomplish certain tasks, or just possessing a genetic predisposition to geekiness.  But what would it be like as a non-geek to come from a non-technical background and be thrown into “the deep end of the pool,” challenging yourself to learn as much as you could from scratch, and to learn it all as quickly as you could?  In Curbuntu’s first interview with “Baylee Juran,” a career public-school teacher (and self-described technological “dinosaur”), Baylee shares what motivated her to lay aside a comfortable, if frustrating, teaching paradigm in the hope of evolving into a 21st-Century instructor.  (Note: No cockatiels were harmed in the recording of this interview.)

Links: Books and websites mentioned—

Technical notes: For those of you interested in contributing first-time episodes to HPR, this interview was recorded in Ubuntu 10.04.1 over Skype using Skype Call Recorder for Linux.  (The version for “Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8/9, i386“ seems to work fine, even on the 64-bit, 10.04 version of the operating system.)  Post-processing (e.g., editing, adding musical HPR intro & outro, normalization, exporting to MP3, etc.) was done with Audacity 1.3.12-beta.  Audacity-generated MP3 meta-tags were verified with EasyTAG 1.2.6.

hpr0609 :: I Blame Tom Merritt

Released on 2010-12-02 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.
After more than a year of using Linux, Curbuntu shares some of the "why's" behind his switch. Although they are "ancient history," if a listener is curious about the CNet episodes in which Tom Merritt mentioned Ubuntu, the video links are here:
  1. 2006-09-18: Try a Free Operating System
  2. 2007-07-26: Install Ubuntu on Linux with no muss or fuss
  3. 2008-03-21: Run Ubuntu Linux on a USB drive

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