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hpr0666 :: Salvaging old Coleman lanterns and stoves

Released on 2011-02-21 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

This show discusses getting neglected lanterns/stoves back into running condition. It is not about restoring them to pretty, like-new, "shelf queen" condition.

errata and clarifications, roughly timecoded

@18mins - The little cup is to hold alcohol, which is burned to "prime" the system. The burning alcohol preheats the generator so the higher- flashpoint kero can ignite without drama.

s/sided lantern/sided globe/g

@19mins - s/possible/practical/

@20mins - varnish might be removed by sitting in fresh fuel, or more likely by sitting in 90% isopropyl or methanol. I filter the alcohol after use and use it to prime kero gear, as above.

@27mins - the generator can get internally gummed up, particularly when running unleaded in a unit not designed for that.

@29mins - black _body_ luminosity

@30mins - might want to plug the air tube on a stored suitcase stove to block the progress of the aforementioned spiders.


@33mins this isn't that unusual; stove/lantern fettlers skew older, demographically speaking


American Coleman forum:

European forum:

Fear the "turd":

Troubleshooting, [dis-]assembly, etc:

Petromax lantern cutaway:

My page about picking a stove, including fuel selection:

Last completed: 1944 242c single mantle round globe

Current project: 1990 222b single mantle hiking lantern

Sportster stove stored in a coffee can:

Parts for older gear:

hpr0663 :: What is on your mp3 player

Released on 2011-02-16 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

errata and clarifications

I use hpodder to catch podcasts. Great podcast client for hackers IMO; Easy to script and make it do what you want. I run it from a cronjob nightly.


hpr0647 :: How I Got Into Linux

Released on 2011-01-25 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

Linux-specific content starts at the 15min mark. Until then is all the computer geekery that led up to my first linux exposure. Feel free to skip forward if you don't want to hear about old systems like the Commodores, TI, 5.25" floppies, FidoNet BBS, etc.

URLs referenced in this episode

Clarifications and corrections:

The Apple ][e setup I describe was almost exactly $2000.

I still own the TI 99/4A and BASIC manual; I cranked it up a few years ago. The thing that sticks out is how terrible the keyboard is -- it's almost unusable but seemed fine at the time..

hpr0642 :: Hacking Your Suburban Backyard with Chickens

Released on 2011-01-18 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

Remember that feeling you got when you compiled your first executable and ran that sucker? You can get that feeling again every time you reach in the nestbox and pull out a freshly laid egg from birds you tend with your own hands. "Roll your own" eggs, then "share and enjoy" the surplus.

Topics covered:

  1. Chickens == biological glue code
  2. Benefits of backyard chickening
  3. Challenges and misconceptions
  4. What you need (hardware): coop or tractor, feeders/waterers, materials
  5. What you need (wetware): chicks v. pullets v. hens.
  6. Breeds: egg production, meat production, dual purpose, ornamentals
  7. Don't panic: things that freak out newbie chickeners


hpr0637 :: Every Day Carry

Released on 2011-01-11 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

In my youth I was an Eagle Scout and then a soldier so I tend to err on the side of overpreparedness. To keep this episode a manageable length I will only cover my on-the-body carry and leave discussion of packs, BOBs, car carry, etc for another day.

If you dislike the new Endura4 style you may want to consider the new Pacific Salt line; it appears to be based on the classic Endura.

Corrections and Clarifications:

The Scala 700 blinks by default, but the LED can be turned off. While streaming a2dp the Jabra 530 does blink briefly after button presses then stops.

The Endura's blade is less than 4" from tip to handle, making it compliant with most pocketknife laws. Be sure to check your local laws and measure your blade including the tang, because a LEO might do the same. It has been said, wisely, "You might beat the rap, but you won't beat the ride."

hpr0628 :: Tasker - Automation for Android Devices

Released on 2010-12-29 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

This first attempt is about Tasker, an Android app that enables the user to tweak and automate the Android smartphone. I have no connection with the author but find the app endlessly useful.


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