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episodes: 7

hpr0921 :: Tag Team Chase Douglas Interview with Alison Chaiken

Released: 2012-02-10. Duration: 00:45:39. Flag: Explicit. Series: Interviews.
Tags: multitouch,uTouch,Canonical,Wayland.
Markoz and Alison Chaiken interview Chase Douglas of Canonical

hpr0838 :: Martin Peres @ XDC

Released: 2011-10-19. Duration: 00:39:26. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0833 :: Ian Romanick Interview at X.Org Developer Conference (XDC) 2011

Released: 2011-10-11. Duration: 00:22:41. Flag: Explicit. Series: Interviews.

hpr0830 :: Peter Hutterer Interview at X.Org Developer Conference (XDC) 2011

Released: 2011-10-06. Duration: 00:26:41. Flag: Explicit. Series: Interviews.

hpr0825 :: Jamey Sharp Interview at X.Org Developer Conference (XDC) 2011

Released: 2011-09-29. Duration: 00:20:26. Flag: Explicit. Series: Interviews.

hpr0733 :: Linux Packaging Systems (too many)

Released: 2011-05-24. Duration: 00:17:31. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: linux,packaging,package manager.
Why marcoz thinks there are too many packaging systems for Linux, and how that's harmful

hpr0683 :: Xorg GSoC call for students

Released: 2011-03-16. Duration: 00:04:52. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

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