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episodes: 2

hpr0730 :: LFNW: Some Facts and 2 Interviews

Released on 2011-05-19 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

LinuxFest Northwest Bellingham Facts from Carl Symons:

  • about 1000 visitors, 738 registered, 350 meals sold on Saturday
  • 12th year, started in 2000 in a room of 8x8 meters (25x25 feet)
  • No president, jsut a team of organizers who meet twice a month
  • Non-profit since 4 years
  • 2 days since 4 years (before it was 1 day)
  • Party on Saturday since 2 years

Interview with Bill Wright about the LinuxFest

Interview with Sabrina Roach from Brown Paper Tickets about 2 interesting radio projects: and

Let me know if you're going to have a table for Hacker Public Radio at a Linuxfest or any other fest, I will send you our PR-Stuff: Tablecloth, Stickers, instructions to order minicards, QR-code books, and T-Shirt sets.

Here are some images of the table at LFNW:

hpr0698 :: How I Found Linux

Released on 2011-04-06 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

After years of using Unix, Mac, and Windows I finally converted my two Windows computers to Linux for real.
The journey into Linux started with not being successful at writing a startup script for Linux. A few years later I discovered some Linux love when writing a driver that would make the keyboard LED lights blink the morse code of the letters being typed. A year ago I did a few virtual Linux installations (archLinux, Debian) in VirtualBox to test out some Cloud Computing stuff. Before Christmas 2010, I was considering contributing to the KDE project and installed Kubuntu as well as Ubuntu.
This year, because I am going to the LinuxFest NorthWest (and I am going to have a table there for HackerPublicRadio) I had to install Linux on my old Windows Laptop. I also converted my Samsung Q1 Ultra Tablet computer from WindowsXP to Ubuntu.
Both conversions were successful, but a few problems had to be solved for which is a great place to go and find or get answers.

BTW: If you're going to please come and say "hi" at the HPR table and if you can help out at the table please let me know code.cruncher_hpr at yahoo ca.

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