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hpr0717 :: My Switch from Windows to Linux

Released on 2011-05-03 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.
First exposure to Linux on ancient laptop
Next several years into adulthood with Windows
Never ran with crowd / always techie
Opinions formed about Linux
In spite of fondness, abandonded Linux
Several years later 1 yr from retiring
Dooms day - pop up virus explorer web page
All this arround the time Vista
Stuck with XP through Vista debachle
Learned some things about Windows7 proverbial straw
Devising a plan
Ubunto on desktop and on wifes laptop
Only remnants of windows on dual boot desktop
Purchased my own Vista laptop / never booted in Vista
Learned alot using Ubuntu
Thats my switch to linux story
More productive, knowledgeable, satisfied user under Linux

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