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episodes: 2

hpr1318 :: How I found Linux

Released on 2013-08-21 under a CC-BY-SA license.
1st PC 95 wfw win3.11 installed with jumbo tracker colorado
no ownership in HS and prior to '95
recognition of internet '94 ncsa mosaic
hunger for web page builds
Sparc1 - SunOS pizza boxes / DEC Alpha / VAX/VMS
stoked curiosity UNIX
Unix Renaissance FAMU -->
Linux Unleashed - Slackware 2.0 kernel 1.2.13
filesystem inspection, file ownership, permissions, basic scripts
Networking - Token Ring / Ethernet / IBM 4381
Trumpet winsock / NetBEUI / dial-up networking modems cash service
slackware PPP chatscripts / robotics 14.4K modem
winnt 4.0 network YP/NIS - 25 machines /etc/passwd
redhat 4.2 , slackware desktop of choice,  
debian potato, use debian for business deployment
mostly web services, openvpn, asterisk (centos)
mythtv arch - knoppmyth --> LinHES
many thanks to ken fallon, dann washko, klaatu

hpr0800 :: WebOS

Released on 2011-08-25 under a CC-BY-SA license.
In todays dial in show Sunzofman1 talks about the danger of a open source monoculture in the mobile OS space.

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