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hpr1071 :: How I Cut The Cable Cord: My Settup

Released on 2012-09-10 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Hello HPR,
Brocktonbob here with the audio from my video that i uploaded to youtube. In this video i show my settup of how i cut the cable cord. I also show the software and hardware i use to get all the tv anyone could want and i show my over the air HD antenna. I give the links to the youtube video which you should watch to get the full effect of what you can get with a little time and effort.
The links for the hardware i use are also included below.
Happy Cable Cutting
My youtube video link

hpr1031 :: Backing up your dvd collection using mencoder

Released on 2012-07-16 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Hello HPR BrocktonBob here with another short but sweet episode about backing up your dvd collection using mencoder a terminal command program.In this episode i tell you how to back up your dvd's using a small mencoder command.You will end up with a very nice .avi file about a third the size of your original dvd movie size.So just copy and paste the command below into the terminal after you have inserted the dvd into your drive.make sure to close movie player by hitting copy the code below

mencoder dvd://1 \
-alang en \
-vf crop=640:480:0:0,scale=640:405 \
-ovc xvid -xvidencopts \
bvhq=1:chroma_opt:quant_type=mpeg:bitrate=3000 \
-oac mp3lame \
-lameopts br=96:cbr:vol=6 \
-o HarryPotter.avi

Just replace HarryPotter.avi with the name of the movie your backing up enjoy.

hpr0968 :: FFMPEG for video Conversion

Released on 2012-04-17 under a CC-BY-SA license.
Hello Hacker Public Radio
BrocktonBob here with my tutorial on how I use FFMPEG to convert videos to any format I like.
FFMPEG is a terminal program used in Linux, but Windows and Mac users can use WINFF which is the gui frontend for FFMPEG.
FFMPEG is more powerful than WINFF because you have more control when you use the terminal than a gui. Below are the examples I used in this podcast.
I hope you give it a try

My Examples:
ffmpeg -i glue.flv glue.avi
ffmpeg -i glue.flv glue.mp3
ffmpeg -i glue.flv -target ntsc-dvd output.mpg

hpr0963 :: How I cut the cord part 3

Released on 2012-04-10 under a CC-BY-SA license.
Hello H.P.R.
BrocktonBob here in my third episode on how I cut the cable cord. I discuss using this website we will be able using a bittorent client like transmission to download our favorite cable and network T.V. Programs. We also talk about putting these shows on an external harddrive.
And how to convert them to any video codec and play them using the Netgear settop box.

hpr0952 :: How I cut The Cable Cord Part 2

Released on 2012-03-27 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Hello HPR,
Just BrocktonBob here again with part 2 of How I Cut The Cable Cord.
In this episode I talk about adding a second set top box, and getting the Playon Server software on a computer so you can get a lot more content. I also talk to you about adding an external harddrive. And how I made my own HD tv antenna.

hpr0912 :: How I cut The Cable Cord Part1

Released on 2012-01-30 under a CC-BY-SA license.
In his very first episode our latest community memeber to step up to the plate takes on the topic of cutting the cord.

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