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hpr0931 :: The ratpoison window manager

Released on 2012-02-26 under a CC-BY-SA license.


The tutorial talked about in the episode

Dion Moult
Ratpoison: an efficient and minimalist WM.

My ratpoisonrc file

escape F13 

exec ./.fehbg &
exec /usr/bin/conky &

bind Next exec amixer -q set Master 10- unmute
bind Prior exec amixer -q set Master 10+ unmute
unbind k
unbind c 
bind j focusdown
bind h focusleft
bind k focusup
bind l focusright
bind J exchangedown
bind H exchangeleft
bind K exchangeup
bind L exchangeright
bind C-k delete
exec /usr/bin/rpws init 4 -k
set winname class
set border 0
set padding 0 15 0 0 
set barpadding 0 0 

warp on
startup_message off 

bind space exec aterm

bind a exec aterm -e alsamixer
bind f exec firefox
bind o exec libreoffice
bind t exec import MyScreenshot.png
bind c exec codeblocks
bind v exec aterm -pixmap false -e vim 
bind g exec ~/.my-scripts/scripts/

#Displays a calender

# make sure to have ccal installed on your box so you can use this calender
bind d exec ratpoison -d :0.0 -c "echo `date +'%r - %A %n  %D - %B'`  `cal | tail +2 | sed -e 's/^Su/\n\n Su/' -e 's/.*/ & /' -e \"s/\ $(date +%e)\ /\<$(date +%e)\>/\"`"

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