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Host ID: 233
episodes: 2

1238 - Word processors are overrated | 2013-05-01

Word processors are overrated. Too often they are used instead of better alternatives. For example: to write a report, to describe a workflow or a vision, a lot of people just grab Microsoft Word. Which is a bad idea. Should you use LibreOffice Writer then? OpenOffice? Maybe Google docs? They are not much better.

If the focus of your text is on its content, if the structure of your text is important, if the way the text is laid out is less important than the consistency of the lay-out, or if you want to collaborate with other people, you should not use a typical mainstream word processor.

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1164 - About git | 2013-01-17

In this show I talk about the git version control system. I won't give example commands, but I discuss concepts like commits, branches, merging, push and pull, and rebasing. I also talk about the git workflow I use.

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