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hpr1689 :: Linux Voice magazine at OggCamp

Released on 2015-01-22 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Corenominal and Beni talking to the guys of the newly founded Linux Voice magazine. It's a British Linux publication that's less than a year old.

We talked to them about why you would found a magazine these days, why their magazine is still relevant in the digital age and why kinds won't beat them at mario cart.

Linux Voice Cover

You find their magazine here:

and their superb Linux postcast by the same name here:

hpr1660 :: Trying out Slackware

Released on 2014-12-12 under a CC-BY-SA license.

mcnalu wrote a article about Slackware in Linux Voice, Issue 6.

tux smokes a pipe with the hpr logo

Beni read this article which lead to him trying out Slackware and being very impressed by its simplicity.

That's why he asked mcnalu to do a HPR episode about Slackware, which is probably the oldest Linux Distro that's still around and whose developer follows a no-nonsense strategy and is very conservative when it comes switching to new stuff that comes up in the Linux world (like PAM or systemd)

The distro is one of the if not the most Unix-like Linux distro. It uses a BSD style init system instead of widely used sysvinit.

Beni and mcnalu talk about the installation process, finding dokumentation and why the website is outdated.

Further they discuss the package manager and what it means that it doesn't resolve dependencies. They also explain why this isn't necessariliy a bad thing and where to find binary packages.

In the end they talk about where the Slackware community meets and who is in charge of Slackware.

Slackware documentation isn't as good the BSDs dokumentation or the Arch Wiki. But it's definitely getting better

and there is also 'Slackware essentials', a book that's also available online:

The Slackware forum on Linux Questions is pretty much the official Slackware forum:

mcnalu announced his Article in the Linux Questions forum:

To support the development of Slackware you could buy yourself a Christmas present from the Slackware store:

hpr1633 :: The OggCamp organizers

Released on 2014-11-05 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In this set of OggCamp interviews I talk to Dan Lynch and Fabian Scherschel from Linux Outlaws and Mark Johnson, who was the man on the ground this year, organizing OggCamp in Oxford Hotel this year. We talk about organizing OggCamp and podcasting and small, unknown Universities in little Towns like Oxford. ;)


hpr1623 :: Tech and Coffee at OggCamp

Released on 2014-10-22 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In this episode of interviews from OggCamp 2014 I talk to George Doscher who co-founded (or founded, I really don't know) the Tech and Coffee Google Plus hangout. You'll find him at

and on Tech and Coffee under

In the second interview I talk to Keith Milner who has some interesting and fairly technical stuff to tell you about mobile networks. He also talks about unencrypted traffic on the carrier networks and why it's even more important for you to use encryption when using the web on your mobile. You find him under

hpr1618 :: OggCamp Attendees

Released on 2014-10-15 under a CC-BY-SA license.

This show includes two interviews with OggCamp attendees this year.

The first interview is with TDTRS co-host Peter Cannon, who is convinced that his podcast is the best Linux podcast there is and he is sure going to tell you why.

In the second interview I talked to Alistair (whose name I hopefully spell correctly), who told me that he would like to be a HPR host himself. So this ist his first appearance on HPR and hopefully not the last.

hpr1617 :: Spaceteam

Released on 2014-10-14 under a CC-BY-SA license.

If this show only confuses you, search the Internet for the Android app Spaceteam, have some friends install it and start playing. To maximize the fun you preferably play in a public place.

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