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I am a retired former Systems Administrator. The last almost 20 years was supporting Windows servers. After retiring, I still wanted to play with computers, but need to keep costs reasonable. When Windows XP went unsupported, I found a nice Linux replacement for my old netbook. Now, a couple years later, I am getting serious about switching. This project is part of my path to freedom.

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hpr2305 :: Configuring an HP Laptop for Dual Boot Linux and Windows 10

Released on 2017-06-02 under a CC-BY-SA license.

This presentation describes the installation of Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 to dual boot with Windows 10 Home on an HP Spectre x360-13 laptop. Previously, I had been using Linux in a virtual machine on Windows. After the update, there was a very significant improvement in performance working in Linux without the Windows/VM overhead. It turned out to not be difficult and was certainly worth doing.

I found a lot of helpful information here:

Get Clonezilla here:

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