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hpr2215 :: Kickstarter Omega2 Plus first time setup walkthrough

Released on 2017-01-27 under a CC-BY-SA license.

I paid for one Omega2 Plus Kickstarter pledge. Later, as most do, the project offers upgrades. My pack was for one Omega2 plus, an OLED module, and the expansion board. After pledging I then added on another Omega2, a GPS module and a mini expansion board. Review wise, this is a good inexpensive IOT kit for any beginner. Someone that is more advanced can get into Arduino, or ESP8266 with microPython.

I mention Arduino and ESP8266 with microPython.

Really good tutorials on how to get going with microPython:

hpr0174 :: VIM is my IDE

Released on 2008-08-29 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.
This Week in Django
Nerd tree
add to ~/.vimrc for shortcuts
Taglist shortcut line:
nnoremap :TlistToggle
NERDtree shortcut line:
nnoremap :NERDTree
*.vba is a vimball file open a .vba file and follow the instructions. once in the file type :so % and hit enter to run the .vba file. that should install the vim scripts into your ~/.vim directory. it's always a good idea to run the unzip or .vba files from the directory you want to install them into, as you may come across scripts in the future that assume that's were you are.

default Debian/Ubuntu setting file is here:
/usr/share/vim/vim71/debian.vim yours may be under vim70 or something else depending on your version the global /etc/vim/vimrc runs the debian.vim file

SnippetsEMU notes:
open any SOMELANGUAGE_snippets.vim file to see examples of how to setup a snippet. once snippets are installed, open a file with vim and type a snippet phrase followed by hitting the key and the phrase should be replaced with the bits from the snippet file.

NERD tree notes:

normal vim keyboard keys work in the NERD tree window.
:NERDTree starts it
q from the NERDtree window quits
u for up a level
t for down a level (traverse)
:help NERDTree for extensive command help

Taglist notes:
normal vim keyboard keys work in the taglist window.
taglsits are cumulative, meaning that as you open different files in the same vim session taglist creates a new taglist tree for new files you edit. :TlistOpen starts :TlistToggle toggles between opening and closeing the taglist window F1 for help q quits/closes taglist window
Lodgeit Pastebin for VIM
NERDCommenter for VIM
easily comment out lines and blocks of text inside code for many languages

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