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hpr0789 :: GeekNights Git: the fast version control system

Hosted by HPR Admins on 2011-08-10.
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You are listening to syndicated thursday on hacker public radio

Each thursday we high light a creative commons work and today it's GeekNights

In this episode they talk about Git: the fast version control system

The technical discussion begins about 30 minutes in.



Monday August 1, 2011

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about Git: the fast version control system. First, Scott discovers the sadness of attempting to develop iOS Applications on our poor old Mac Mini (Core Solo), Rym built his HTPC, and GeekNights has a fancy new Facebook page. In the news, commodity face recognition, data mining, and data aggregation will do exactly what we expected and can, among other things, reveal your SSN. Adobe releases a preview of Edge.


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