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hpr1367 :: I'm Sorry Dan

Hosted by Jezra on 2013-10-29.
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How many times has Dan asked me to run the spec test before pushing code to staging? probably 5. I'm sorry Dan.

The script I used as my pre-commit hook is available at

Oh, have I ever mentioned how much I dislike convoluted nomenclature? When I use 'git add', apparently I am adding a file or a change to the 'index', and it is the index that gets commited when I run 'git commit'


Comment #1 posted on 2013-10-30T22:05:16Z by Windigo

Gotta love git hooks

Excellent episode! I use git hooks (post-commit) to automatically push any commits to a dev server back into the main repository, and it's been a life saver.

I didn't realize you could cancel a commit with the right exit code, though - thanks for the tip!

Comment #2 posted on 2013-11-03T12:06:58Z by CPrompt

The most interesting coder...

Nice episode jezra!

Here's ya t-shirt :

Comment #3 posted on 2013-11-06T16:34:41Z by jezra


That shirt is awesome! Unfortunately, I think Dan would kill me if I wore that to work.

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