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The passing of FiftyOneFifty

It is with deep sadness we announce that another of our hosts and friends Donald Grier, known to us as FiftyOneFifty, has passed away.

FiftyOneFifty's frat brother Randy Hall has written an lovely piece. The team at Linuxlugcast are preparing our own tribute if you want to contribute an audio file you can email Honkeymagoo or join the show.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family at this difficult time.

hpr1651 :: HPR Community News for November 2014

HPR Community News for November 2014

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Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2014-12-01 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: Community News.
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Part of the series: HPR Community News

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

New hosts

Welcome to our new hosts:
pyrrhic, Al.

Last Month's Shows

Id Date Title Host
1631 2014-11-03 HPR Community News for October 2014 HPR Volunteers
1632 2014-11-04 5150 Shades of Beer: 0002 Wichita Brewing Company FiftyOneFifty
1633 2014-11-05 The OggCamp organizers beni
1634 2014-11-06 How I got into Linux pyrrhic
1635 2014-11-07 41 - LibreOffice Calc - Data Manipulation 1: Sorting and AutoFilter Ahuka
1636 2014-11-10 How I make coffee Dave Morriss
1637 2014-11-11 Communities Are Made of People FiftyOneFifty
1638 2014-11-12 Surviving A Roadtrip: Food Windigo
1639 2014-11-13 Ken Starks at Ohio Linux Fest 2014 Ahuka
1640 2014-11-14 Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption Ahuka
1641 2014-11-17 The real reasons for using Linux johanv
1642 2014-11-18 Frist Time at Oggcamp Al
1643 2014-11-19 Unison Syncing Utility FiftyOneFifty
1644 2014-11-20 Benetech, OpenStack and Kumusha semioticrobotic
1645 2014-11-21 42 - LibreOffice Calc - Data Manipulation 2: Standard and Advanced Filters Ahuka
1646 2014-11-24 5150 Shades of Beer 0003 River City Brewing Company and Wichita Brewing Company FiftyOneFifty
1647 2014-11-25 Oggcast Planet Live 2014: The Cooking Show FiftyOneFifty
1648 2014-11-26 Bash parameter manipulation Dave Morriss
1649 2014-11-27 Raspberry Pi Accessibility Breakthrough Mike Ray
1650 2014-11-28 OCPLive2014 Night Life In Elysburg PA FiftyOneFifty

Comments this month

There are 25 comments:

  • hpr1649 (2014-11-27) "Raspberry Pi Accessibility Breakthrough" by Mike Ray.
    1. Steve Bickle on 2014-11-27:"Great Episode"
    2. Mike Ray on 2014-11-27:"Pi Accessibility"
    3. Tony Wood on 2014-11-28:"[no title]"
    4. Mike Ray on 2014-11-29:"Over to you Tony"

  • hpr1648 (2014-11-26) "Bash parameter manipulation" by Dave Morriss.
    1. Tom Rodman on 2014-11-27:"Thx for covering bash substring expansion"
    2. Mike Ray on 2014-11-29:"Great stuff"

  • hpr1643 (2014-11-19) "Unison Syncing Utility" by FiftyOneFifty.
    1. 0xf10e on 2014-11-20:"[no title]"
    2. Frank on 2014-11-21:"Two supplements on Unison"

  • hpr1642 (2014-11-18) "Frist Time at Oggcamp" by Al.
    1. Mike Ray on 2014-11-18:"MaryTTS, clipping"

  • hpr1641 (2014-11-17) "The real reasons for using Linux" by johanv.
    1. Mikael on 2014-11-18:"[no title]"

  • hpr1640 (2014-11-14) "Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption" by Ahuka.
    1. johanv on 2014-11-18:"Thank you for explaining this"
    2. Kevin O'Brien on 2014-11-18:"You're welcome"

  • hpr1637 (2014-11-11) "Communities Are Made of People" by FiftyOneFifty.
    1. Mikael on 2014-11-14:"re Facebook"

  • hpr1636 (2014-11-10) "How I make coffee" by Dave Morriss.
    1. victor on 2014-11-09:"Great episode! "
    2. expatpaul on 2014-11-12:"Bialetti"
    3. Dave Morriss on 2014-11-12:"Thanks for the feedback"

  • hpr1630 (2014-10-31) "Bare Metal Programming on the Raspberry Pi (Part 2)" by Gabriel Evenfire.
    1. Mike Ray on 2014-11-01:"Another excellent episode"
    2. Gabriel Evenfire on 2014-11-01:"Password protected PDF..."

  • hpr1619 (2014-10-16) "Bare Metal Programming on the Raspberry Pi (Part 1)" by Gabriel Evenfire.
    1. Alison Chaiken on 2014-11-09:"Very valuable content"

  • hpr1612 (2014-10-07) "Don't Forget the Referbs" by NYbill.
    1. Charles in NJ on 2014-11-03:"Returns are fun"

  • hpr1599 (2014-09-18) "Interview with Ingmar Steiner from the MaryTTS project" by Ken Fallon.
    1. Steve Bickle on 2014-11-09:"How to for Debian"
    2. Mike Ray on 2014-11-13:"MaryTTS howto etc"
    3. Steve Bickle on 2014-11-26:"Horses for courses"
    4. Steve Bickle on 2014-11-26:"Maryspeak project now on github"
    5. Mike Ray on 2014-11-28:"maryspeak, great stuff"


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Comment #1 posted on 2014-12-01T01:25:53Z by Mike Ray

Comment about the RPI GPU in com news for November

Just listened to the com news for November. I don't know what's been worse this month, 5150's snoring or ken Fallon's singing :)

About the GPU on the RPI; it's actually a pretty powerful little device. I think the GPU is every bit as powerful as the actual CPU. It supports hardware graphics acceleration as well as audio rendering and I have had CD quality audio playing at the same time as TTS through my OMX code and it never misses a beat. I can't speak for video though of course, but again I suspect it would manage pretty much anything any game can throw at it.

But then the last game I played was Duke Nukem 3D about fifteen years ago :)

It's also possible to split the RAM in different proprtions between the GPU and the CPU

Comment #2 posted on 2014-12-01T14:45:26Z by Dave Morriss

Ken Starks' Indiegogo campaign

I forgot to send Ken the link that was mentioned on the Community News when we were talking about Ahuka's show hpr1639 last month. This was a recording of Ken Starks' talk at Ohio Linux Fest 2014. David Whitman also posted details of the campaign on the HPR mailing list on 2014-11-08.

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