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hpr1673 :: How I use ZFS on Linux

The ZFS file system and how I use it under Linux.

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Hosted by Michal Cieraszynski on 2014-12-31 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Part of the series: Filesystems

In this series we explore various different filesystems.

On the show today, I will tell you about how I use the ZFS file system on my home server. I also go into some details about how I came to use the ZFS, especially under Linux. I also tell you about a certain pitfall I ran into with the hard drives I chose for ZFS. And finally, I will refer you back to HPR episode 1600 by JWP for more information about ZFS, as he goes into great detail about it and its history.



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Comment #1 posted on 2015-01-08T04:41:01Z by Klaatu

great episode!

Thanks for this great information about ZFS. I was really not clear on how to implement it, but it doesn't seem so scary now that you have explained the options. Thank you!

Great first-podcast-ever, by the way!

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