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hpr1857 :: Adventures In Coffee

CPrompt talks about his adventures in coffee making and how he finally realized that the French Pres

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Hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^) on 2015-09-15 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Part of the series: Coffee

All aspects of making the perfect cup of Coffee

  1. CPrompts French Press:
  2. Grocer that has some great coffee:
  3. The only creamer that will go in CPrompt's coffee:


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Comment #1 posted on 2015-09-17T12:46:22Z by Gabriel Evenfire

A nice episode even for non-coffee people

I am not a coffee person. I've tried. I can't seem to acquire the taste. Definitely prefer teas. But it was nevertheless entertaining to hear the process you go through. I've heard people talk (rave actually) about "french presses" before, but never had a clue as to why they were useful. Hearing the process, I can start to imagine why. Thanks for the show!

Comment #2 posted on 2015-09-18T09:07:00Z by Dave Morriss

I enjoyed this a lot

I liked the relaxed style and the detailed content.

I have not used my french presses (or cafetières as we prefer to call them) for a while, I prefer to use my moka pot and brew a large strong coffee every morning. After listening to this I had a craving for coffee, so made some with some with Kenya medium ground I had all but abandoned in the freezer.

It was great, but that's double my normal daily intake. Thanks!

Comment #3 posted on 2015-09-24T18:31:17Z by Michael

You got my european mind.

Congrats, you got me for a (long) moment. Water at 200 degree - hu? After it finally dawned on me, I consulted an online converter to learn that 200°F means 93.3°C, which made a lot more sense to me... :-)

Otherwise I second Gabriel above. Thanks for the show!

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