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hpr1952 :: Time now Ladies and Gents

How to get the total duration of a lot of media files.

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Hosted by Ken Fallon on 2016-01-26 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Part of the series: Bash Scripting

This is an open series in which Hacker Public Radio Listeners can share their Bash scripting knowledge and experience with the community. General programming topics and Bash commands are explored along with some tutorials for the complete novice.

In the show "hpr1943 :: HPR AudioBook Club 11.5 - Interview with David Collins-Rivera" pokey asked if there was a way to get the duration for media. The following three options springs to mind immediately.

The first option is fix_tags and was written by our own Dave Morriss.

$ date --utc --date="@$(echo $(fix_tags *mp3 *ogg 2>/dev/null | \
awk -F '\\(|\\)' '/length/ {print $2}' | \
sed 's/ sec//g' ) | \
sed 's/ /+/g' | bc )"  +"%T"

Next up is mediainfo which provides a lot of information on media files.

$ date -ud @$(echo $(mediainfo --full --Output=XML *mp3 *ogg | \
xmlstarlet sel -T -t -m "Mediainfo/File/track[@type='Audio']/Duration[1]" -v "." -n - | \
sed 's/.\{3\}$//') | \
sed 's/ /+/g' | bc)  +"%T"

The last option is to use ffprobe from the ffmpeg team.

$ date -ud @$(echo $(for i in *mp3 *ogg;\
do  \date -ud 1970-01-01T$(ffprobe -i $i 2>&1 | \
grep Duration | awk '{print $2}'| \
sed 's/,//g' ) +%s;done) | \
sed 's/ /+/g' | bc)  +"%T"

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Comment #1 posted on 2016-01-28T16:09:26Z by Dave Morriss

Great show idea

I always enjoy shows like this. I found I either needed to be reading the notes as I listened or I needed to listen twice.

I liked the way you explained those pipelines by breaking them into their components.

Maybe the next release of 'fix_tags' should have a -sum option to sum up all the audio lengths :-)

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