HPR Scheduling System - Design Notes

Dave Morriss
Last Updated: 2012-11-09 20:00

Discussion Points

  1. How will the scheduler be invoked?
  2. What will the scheduler be required to return?
  3. How will the queue of pending shows be notified to the scheduler?
  4. How will the pending queue (in database or YAML file) be managed?
  5. What attributes of a show will be needed to perform the required actions? At the moment the types of show attributes catered for are:
  6. What other contextual elements will the scheduler need to be aware of?
  7. How will the scheduling algorithms be represented?
  8. How will the tests used by the triggers be represented?
  9. How will the trigger actions be represented?
  10. Might it be desirable to allocate all hosts UUID/GUID numbers to avoid confusion with varying spellings, etc?