[Hpr] wishlist

s s at deepgeek.us
Fri Apr 3 04:12:27 PDT 2009

Some show I ideas I have but am not in the position to provide, for
anybody interested.

"Firefox addon's for hackers," or "Firefox addons for domain
What firefox plugins are good for things like finding WHOIS info,
tracking where a site is actually hosted, generating "google hacking
search query strings."  Things along that line

Promoting your website/blog/podcast with Digg, Slashot, Myspace, Click
through advertising.  I'm sure there is a need for information on
effectively using social networks to promote whatever you do.  Heck,
maybe even the following would be good....

Social Networking Sites for dummies

Digg for dummies

Slashdot for dummies.

Well, just ideas for those who may be looking for ideas.

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