[Hpr] My new podcast, "talk geek to me"

deepgeek s at deepgeek.us
Sun Mar 29 11:12:18 PDT 2009

Hi, All,

Just want to announce my new podcast "talk geek to me."  You can check
it out at http://talkgeektome.us/ I hope you have a listen and like it
and follow it.

So, a couple of people here (most importantly, Stank and Enigma,) have
already had the "sneak preview," but I am letting it loose now. Let me
just say that the material will be much like HPR spots, only it will be
a new show.  It's important to me so I gotta say: don't think that this
means that I am having some kind of falling out with the HPR crew.  I am
not.  I love being an HPR personality, but I decided I needed to see
what kind of audience I would have if I did it on my own.  So I will
still be doing my monthly HPR spots, but this will be in addition to
those spots.

Any pimping of my new show will be greatly appreciated.

yours, ever,

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