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Just my two cents. And I hate jumping inherent since I am not as  
active as I would like to be.

The issue would be disk space. If we do this, which I support, I think  
we need to work out logistics. I would propose that we move off all  
but the past 50 episodes over to our new binrev.com downloads module  
which is our official archive for brr and rfa anyway.

I can make it happen but it will take a few weeks since I am out of  

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On Oct 6, 2009, at 12:07 PM, Arron M Finnon <afinnon at googlemail.com>  

> I think it would be awesome, i mean i've uploaded all my shows in .mp3
> as well as .ogg in the past month or so, but they don't seem to get  
> used.
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>> Hi All,
>> I would very much like to have an official ogg feed available for  
>> HPR.
>> There was a discussion about this some time ago and some people
>> expressed an interest. I have done the easy part of downloading and
>> converting all the past episodes. I have also written a script to
>> automatically convert new file from the mp3 feed and probably could
>> automate the generation of a ogg feed rss and upload.
>> I was wondering what sort of burden adding a new ogg feed would add
>> epically in relation to bandwidth ?
>> Is this something anyone is interested in ?
>> Ken.
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