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slick0 slick0 at slick0.net
Mon Oct 5 15:53:12 PDT 2009

Although I'm not against the idea, I just can't see it would really add 
much.  I'm sure mp3 format isn't limiting the listener base for one 
thing :).  Also, if it's about the quality increase, then up-converting 
the mp3's wont get you there..  Quality could be gained if it's required 
to upload a recording in a higher bitrate or lossless format that would 
be down converted to both mp3 and ogg.  If converting from one to the 
other at a similar bit rate, you'll get the artifacts of both formats 
instead of just the one.  It's worth noting though, that converting from 
ogg to mp3 would be the ideal direction assuming the same bit rate on each.


Ken Fallon wrote:
> Hi All,
> I would very much like to have an official ogg feed available for HPR.
> There was a discussion about this some time ago and some people
> expressed an interest. I have done the easy part of downloading and
> converting all the past episodes. I have also written a script to
> automatically convert new file from the mp3 feed and probably could
> automate the generation of a ogg feed rss and upload.
> I was wondering what sort of burden adding a new ogg feed would add
> epically in relation to bandwidth ?
> Is this something anyone is interested in ?
> Ken.
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