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I might be able to help with #6. Forbidden Planet is one of my all
time sci-fi favs. Also, you might be interested in the next episode of
"the_source" which I am calling "Open Source In The House" or some
such. Basically I go around my house showing how I use Open Source
software in nearly every room (including the bathroom :P ). Should be
out shortly after OLF.

On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 11:26 AM, notKlaatu <klaatu at linuxcranks.info> wrote:
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> Hello all, it seems it's time for HPR Round Table Five and Six.
> #5 - Podcasting: Important Media Outlet or Useless Internet Clutter?
> Is podcasting a valid and important form of informational media? or is
> it just a bunch of amateurs catering to a small niche market? is it
> growing? or will it die out in a few years?
> Join me for a discussion of the phenomenon that the media industry is
> calling "new media".
> We'll record September 28th (monday) at 20:00 EST.
> Panelists needed; please respond if you want to be on the call.
> #6 - Forbidden Planet
> This one is a bit different: it's a round table on the sci fi movie
> "Forbidden Planet" so you need to actually watch the movie in order to
> talk about it.  Forbidden Planet is an old classic sci fi film from the
> 50s, featuring a progressive electronic score, a famous robot that did
> NOT later appear in Lost In Space, a classic storyline, and lots of
> nifty ideas.
> Want to talk about this?  Deepgeek and I are signed on to host the round
> table, so we need panelists.
> We will record this Oct 5th at 20:00 EST.
> Let me know if you want to be on this episode.
> That is all.
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