[Hpr] Test rss feed

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 10:57:57 PST 2010

Executive Summary: Please test this link in your podcatcher:

Hi All,

Following on from an earlier thread, I've put together a valid
rss/itunes test xml file that should be the basis for a updated feed.
After reading various specifications (which will probably end up as a
HPR episode in itself), I manually created this file to check if the
changes work. If the feedback is positive then I will update the other

Main features:
+ Made it RSS 2.0 compliant

+ Changed links
--> The episode link points to the host's page
--> Main link points to HPR about page
--> Added Atom self link

+ Updated title and Descriptions
--> Episode descriptions now support HTML markup so you should see
formating and links in the episode section.

+ Added information to support caching

+ updated itunes info including
--> Keywords, Categories and duration

I've tested it in my podcatcher and it works but I would appreciate it
if you could try it out in your reader/podcatcher and report back if
it works or not. This is a static file so it won't be changing.

Add the link http://hackerpublicradio.org/test.xml
Update your reader
Report back here your findings
Remove the link


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