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Well, just got back from Ohio Linux Fest, where we had a wildly successful
Hacker Public Radio panel, with SigFLUP, Dave Yates, Dann from TLLTS, and
Lord_Drachenblut as panelists.  People were into it, excited about it, and
those who had never heard of it were really excited about the idea of a
community show.

I believe HPR is actually a lot healthier than you think it is.  i can't
access the FTP server (my IP address gets blocked frequently, apparently due
to an evil automagic iptable rule?) but if I could, I'd tell you exactly how
many episodes were sitting there waiting to be posted.  I know for a fact
that I have at least 9 (probably a low estimate) SELF interviews that have
been sitting there for 3 months.  SigFLUP's field trip (ep 567 i think?) had
been sitting for a month before posted.  Insert other examples here.

I think what really 'needs' to happen is that the shows that exist need to
be posted.

So...the way I see it, either:

1. Someone who is not going to be blocked needs to log in and post episodes.
2. The posting process needs to be semi-automated or greatly simplified
3. I need ssh access or to get at least one ip address that I would log in
from NOT blocked.

And then HPR would start looking a lot healthier.

On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 5:50 PM, Arron Finnon <afinnon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Howdie Guys,
> Late to the party on this thread but hell.  I'm in the middle of
> trying to set up a week long series on HPR with a live show at the
> end, just trying to draw some people in.
> TBH my whole issue is always about releases.  I have stuff backed up
> in there for last years SFD (this years is on Saturday)
> I have to be honest and say that IMHO is what holds us back, lots of
> great content not knowing if/when is a pain.  My suggestion not matter
> how crazy it sounds is to let hosts push their own shows out on HPR at
> a rate they are happy with.  Yeah some days HPR fans are going to have
> a bumper day, and some days its going to be quite as hell.  I'm not
> saying there isn't any creases to iron out with this idea, but put it
> this way if you've done over 5 shows surely your trusted enough to
> push a show out when ever, or dare i say dust down the calendar and
> bring it back.
> My 2 Cents, and you bet your ass you've been over charged
> Finux
> p.s just realized chaining from googlemail.com to gmail.com is not so
> cool for mailman
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