[Hpr] HPR (not)RIP ?

Arron M Finnon afinnon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 16:07:06 PDT 2010

On Mon, 2010-09-13 at 23:12 +0200, Ken Fallon wrote:
> It's great to hear all the positive feedback. So now let's concentrate
> on making HPR steam along again. One of the things I enjoy most about
> the feed is getting a new show every day. I know Arron suggested
> dumping several shows at once but I believe that "one show a day -
> every day" builds trust and retains listeners. I'm not against sending
> multiple shows down at the one time but I do like the bargain of "tune
> in tomorrow for something completely different".

I agree with the content everyday aspect of it, with any hope we could
engage in a period when it just flows, i know its a little flower power
of me to think that way, but a little communication a couple of
mini-series and some occasional shows, plus other content picked up
along the way.

> First things first is to get the shows flowing again. I'd also like
> echo Arron's offer to assist Enigma as I think the time zone
> difference can give us some round the clock coverage. I would also
> like to assist in automating the process of posting the shows as much
> as possible. I say this without having any knowledge of the underlying
> systems but where possible we should try and have the hosts populate
> the metadata for the feed.

Couldn't agree more

> Communication:
> We need a place to communicate with the admins, other correspondents
> and the community at large. We have this mailing list but it's not
> publicized on the website nor in the shows themselves. I would like to
> see a range of options to give feedback because if we can get someone
> interested enough to give feedback then that's the first step to
> roping them into doing a show, and then another etc. I like the idea
> of a wiki but whatever we decide on we can publish it on the website
> as well as modifying the Intro/Outro to include a getting involved
> message that the hosts can refer to. Would oggcastplanet.org be the
> official IRC or has Bin Rev some services to offer ?

the thing is lets be honest, if your IRC'ing most of us are about
hanging out on freenode, now i have registered #hprlive for the week
long series that i have planned, and was going to use that as a place to
field questions for a live show

> Calendar:
> I know some people hate the calendar while more people love it so I
> suggest we just use a (google type) calendar where correspondents can
> set up recurring episodes. While anyone else can add a show for a
> particular day. If we need to password protect against spammers we can
> add the password to the getting involved message in the Intro/outro.

TBH you could be write the problem is someone who starts a few months
episodes back, and the password has changed cas all the spammers know
it, just me being a negative Nelly though.

> Building a stock of episodes:
> It would probably be a good idea to have a pool of 'spare' episodes
> that go out when there is nothing else available or when someone
> forgets to post. These might be narrated by Lyn or Dan E. Speak (yes I
> have a script that will take a URL and convert it to a HPR episode -
> Klaatu.) or they might be a 'shot-of-hack' type show. To encourage
> contribution we should have an area dedicated to showing people how to
> record a show. Starting at the "press record on your sansa" level, up
> through editing in audacity. If there are links to other sites and
> tutorials let's use them but at least have the information in one
> place. It might be a good thing to have a place where listeners can
> suggest a show topic. That way an expert in that field can record a
> quick show if they like or if you're simply devoid of inspiration do
> it yourself.

We've got the stock, my gut says if there is some life breathed back
into it then we can get some stuff backed up once the pipes are cleared.

> Feeds:
> I know we agreed to do this before but it never came to pass but we
> should offer a OGG/Vorbis feed. I also have a script to convert audio
> to speex so a feed for that would be cool as well. Given the CC
> license we could also (automatically) cross-post to archive.org
> increasing our exposure. In planning for my bash scripting series I've
> been thinking that a multimedia feed would be a nice feature, where
> one could add additional material like show notes, cheat sheets,
> slides, pdf's  etc ?
> Spreading the Word:
> One of the most serious omissions of the current site is the lack of a
> "who are we, what do we do page" to explain what HPR is and what it's
> about. I know it's covered in episode 1 but it would be good for the
> new listener/contributer to know what we are and what we stand for.
> The are some excellent promos for getting listeners but we should also
> try and get some promos requesting contributers. If we are going to do
> a relaunch or "season 2" type deal, then it may be a good time to get
> some hosts on to other shows to do interviews about HPR. It would be
> nice to have downloadable material that someone could use at a booth
> at at a hacker meetup. Does anyone have a SVG version of the logo or
> even know who made it ? Needless to say we can get publicity by
> spreading the word on the micro blogging sites and through groups on
> the social networking sites.

DEFO, i'll be an evangelist screaming off rooftops, anyone who knows me
knows i'm a big fan of the HPR concept.  Some micro blogging, some more
nice interviews, a couple of podcasting events i think we could really
stick the fire under it.

> Ken.
> HPR is dead. Long live HPR.

Well least three or four of us think so, i think we should be a little
results focused on this if i'm honest.  Lets take some momentum and hope
everyone follows, i'm sure it will be a blast.

So how do we go about getting admins attention on this, no offence to
them but no sign for a while

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