[Hpr] HPR RIP ?

Arron Finnon afinnon at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 14:42:58 PDT 2010

Howdie Guys,

Late to the party on this thread but hell.  I'm in the middle of
trying to set up a week long series on HPR with a live show at the
end, just trying to draw some people in.

TBH my whole issue is always about releases.  I have stuff backed up
in there for last years SFD (this years is on Saturday)

I have to be honest and say that IMHO is what holds us back, lots of
great content not knowing if/when is a pain.  My suggestion not matter
how crazy it sounds is to let hosts push their own shows out on HPR at
a rate they are happy with.  Yeah some days HPR fans are going to have
a bumper day, and some days its going to be quite as hell.  I'm not
saying there isn't any creases to iron out with this idea, but put it
this way if you've done over 5 shows surely your trusted enough to
push a show out when ever, or dare i say dust down the calendar and
bring it back.

My 2 Cents, and you bet your ass you've been over charged


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