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cobra2 cobra2 at linuxbasement.com
Mon Aug 1 12:03:12 PDT 2011

Not me.
-- cobra2

Code Cruncher <code.cruncher at yahoo.ca> wrote:

Hi Klaatu and Cobra2,

I sent the HPR Conference pack to SELF but never followed up on whether
one of you has actually picked it up ...
Who has it? Where is it? Who does not have it?

Cheers - cc.

On 09.06.11 7:00 , Code Cruncher wrote:
> Hi Klaatu and Cobra2,
> an update:
> There are 2 packages for HPR on their way to SELF (sent to Jessica Dase
> at the Hotel.)
> One with 400 minicards to arrive on Friday, the big conference pack with
> the QR books, banner, tshirts ... already delivered.
> Please keep as many T-Shirts as you like and if other people are helping
> at the table give them T-Shirts too (I made too many, but if there are
> some left for the next fest that is fine).
> What to do with the stuff at the end of the fest?
> Either keep it until you can send it to the next person going to a fest
> or send it to pokey (address?). If it is too much to take care of, just
> make sure to at least keep (and sign) the banner made by pokey's mom.
> Enjoy - cc.

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