[Hpr] Fwd: New Year's Eve live show please help

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Wed Dec 14 10:02:27 PST 2011

Would it be possible to link multiple mumble servers together to work around the limit of one one outside caller? 

What about using asterisk rather than mumble? 
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1. Participants to call in with positive things to say about HPR, past shows, hosts, and HPR's future.

 I would love to help host.

2. Suggestions for bits, skits, show segments, etc.

I'll see what I can think of. 

3. Help setting up an Amazon EC2 instance to handle Murmur (the Mumble server) and Icecast. Perhaps sip and skype too if the calls can all be bridged somehow.

I don't know about setting up an EC2 instance but because I have a Jack capable mumble client and a pulseaudio to jack bridge working reliably it would be possible to link in Skype, sip and google voice calls but because of how the routing works I could only handle one non-mumble call at a time.

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