[Hpr] New Year's Eve live show ball is rolling

Cobra2 cobra2 at linuxbasement.com
Wed Dec 14 12:49:33 PST 2011

I've got an asterisk server running on a linode server in the UK. 
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Patrick Dailey <pdailey03 at gmail.com> wrote:

To be honest Joshua, I don't know the best route to take here. I'm a long time Linux noob with very little server experience. EC2 was just the only thing I could think of in case no one stepped forward. Ideally we'd have a machine somewhere with a ton of bandwidth, that could bridge sip, mumble and skype to give people the greatest number of options for calling in. Minimally I think Mumble and icecast would do the trick, because mumble is such a low barrier to entry.

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 1:46 PM, Joshua Knapp <jknapp85 at gmail.com> wrote:

I am willing to lend a hand in hosting and provide the server space for it. LP is providing hosting for HPR, and I can spin up VMs with out having any out of pocket expense.  Just let me know what is needed.

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 10:42 AM, Daniel Worth <pipemanmusic at gmail.com> wrote:

What if that one non mumble call were to the TLLTS sip box? Then their box could pipe all of the other incoming calls to your machine.

That's not a bad idea. 


I have a concern though. I have no idea how much bandwidth this will use, and I'd hate for you to get nailed with overage charges if we hit your limit.

Bandwidth on my server or bandwidth on my ISP?

I don't think either would be an issue.

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