[Hpr] HPR New Year's Eve show info.

Patrick Dailey pdailey03 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 05:27:16 PST 2011

Yes, please publish the call in and schedule info wherever you think it
would be helpful. We have PipeManMusic's full permission to publish these
server details, and the password.

On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 11:16 PM, Bruce Patterson <bruce at distrowatch.com>wrote:

> Can I post this on the linuxbasix front page?
> Bp
> On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 11:12 PM, Patrick Dailey <pdailey03 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> OK, we have a server mumble server and an icecast stream set up for
>> Saturday's show.
>> Big thanks to the PipeManMusic from the Open Source Musician's Podcast
>> for setting up the server for us.
>> Here are the details.
>> We will be recording from about noon to midnight Eastern US time. (maybe
>> longer. who knows?) All HPR contributors *and listeners* are welcome to
>> call in (as long as there's room on the server) and discuss their favorite
>> HPR shows and topics of 2011, or bring a topic that you think would help us
>> to have a good show. We'll be streaming the whole thing, as well as
>> distilling it down to one or more podcasts for the rss feed. Whether you've
>> contributed to HPR or not, please consider calling in and helping us to
>> make this a great HPR community event.
>> Mumble server address:
>> Port:
>>  43556
>> Password:
>>  OSMPMumble
>> For callers there will be a seperate room to test your setup before
>> jumping in the live room just to avoid doing on air mic checks. Please
>> check your sound there before jumping into the main room. Please set
>> compression to the 31.8Kb/s speex codec for compatibility (NOT the CELT
>> codec), and use push to talk.
>> The stream will be on:
>> If you can provide a stream mirror, please publish that to your people
>> instead of the primary one. If anyone has spare website names lying around
>> that they want to temporarily redirect it that static address, that would
>> be very cool too.
>> I'm thinking that we may also want to set up a dedicated irc channel for
>> the day also.
>> If you have any other ideas that I've missed, post 'em or bring 'em on
>> the day.
>> Happy New Year Hacker Public Radio!
>> --
>> Thank You,
>> pokey
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>> hipster device.

Thank You,
Patrick Dailey

Not sent from an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or any other such
hipster device.
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