[Hpr] brother mouse attempts to reform; Genre tagging; a script

Jason Carr fratermus+hprlist at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 20:48:45 PST 2011

Airlifted in a couple of shows to help pad the queue a bit:


I made some changes in my process, hopefully for the better.

1.  I figured out what caused the odd sampling rate before;  I was
recording at 44.1 but I had Audacity importing at 11.025 by default
for whatever reason.  Durrr.  Wasn't oggenc's fault at all.  So much
to learn...
Nice side benefit:  the higher sampling rate seems to have decreased
the sibilance in my audio.

2.  encoding as mp3 now, since it appears the feed is mp3-only. used
"lame --preset voice" which resulted in a good balance of size and
quality IMO.

3.  I eyeballed each audiofile with "file" to get a sanity check on
the bitrate and sampling rate, and tested each file in mplayer AND

=== about the Genre tag ===
Looks like there is no "Podcast" genre defined in id3/id3v2 spec.
Closest appears to be Speech (101), which I used in the above shows.
Hack/change/defile my uploads as needed.  Thoughts?

=== tagging and .txt file creation for idiots like me

I was annoyed by my own unfamiliarity and hamhandedness with tagging
and getting audio/text files done correctly, but I could at least name
the .mp3 ok. So I wrote a quick&dirty script to read the filename and
use it to load tags into the mp3 and generate the named .txt file.
Don't laugh;  I have no particular talent for scripting.

Posted it in pastebin in case it gives anyone any ideas:

=== evangelism
I am jiggling a lure in front of my best alpha geek buddy.  We are
brainstorming some shows he and I could do over skype or over the
kitchen table.  I really like the feel of the two-host shows, very
conversational so that is the idea.  He is incredibly sharp and I
think his opinions are valuable.  I'm working that bait...

brother mouse

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