[Hpr] Podcasting via the telephone

Arron M Finnon afinnon at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 09:40:10 PST 2011

Now i have time from feeding the two little angels i call my daughters,
i'll explain the sort of setup i had before which i need to re-do but i
do think maybe of benefit to HPR.  Good news is it was free.

So i had an Asterisk install, i used PBXinAFlash, and if you have ever
used it you will know it rocks.  

I'm in the UK but previously i did interview an number of Europeans and
Americans, so this is the setup i had.

PBXinAFlash Install x1 =Old Spare Machine(ergo FREE)
UK Sipgate number x2 = FREE
Google Voice Number x 1 =FREE
IPKall Number x 1 =FREE
Skype Bridge= x 1=FREE(however bloody fiddly to setup, and limited to
one call at a time)

UPKEEP = A little less hair, and what was left a little grayer

So basically put i could get a number of people either to call directly
in using a local land line or via Skype.  Did me well for awhile. 
Basically i would get everything to drop into a conference call and then
set that to automatically record.  It produced a WAV file, and job done.

Personally i think it worthy of the effort to try and build a similar
system for HPR.  I think it would be good for people to be able to call
in, in addition to live phone in shows and round tables.  My
understanding is you can actually with a little bit of Asterisk Voodoo
even bring in talkshoe

Please feel free to say i'm daft for a suggestion like this, i'll feel
free to ignore it

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