[Hpr] Who Wants To Be a HPR Hero

Matthew K matt_hew at rocketmail.com
Thu Jan 20 18:31:12 PST 2011

Created a little perl script. Only took a few seconds and a little regular 
expression. Attached is the output file.

Also was thinking about doing a show. I really like the podcast and would love 
to contribute.


From: Jason Scott <jason at textfiles.com>
To: hpr at hackerpublicradio.org
Sent: Thu, January 20, 2011 2:53:22 PM
Subject: [Hpr] Who Wants To Be a HPR Hero

So, I'm adding all the back episodes of HPR, in mp3, ogg and spx, to
audio.textfiles.com. The directory looks like this right now:


You can see how I have descriptions after the files, pretty basic ones.

The format looks like this:

hpr0006.mp3 Hacker Public Radio Episode 6: Part 15 Broadcasting, by
Dosman and Zach (January 8, 2008)
hpr0007.mp3 Hacker Public Radio Episode 7: Orwell Rolled Over in his
Grave, by Deepgeek (January 9, 2008)
hpr0008.mp3 Hacker Public Radio Episode 8: Asus EePC, by Mubix
(January 10, 2008)
hpr0009.mp3 Hacker Public Radio Episode 9: This Old Hack 4 by
Fawkesfyre (January 10, 2008)
hpr0010.mp3 Hacker Public Radio Episode 10: The Linux Boot Process
Part 1 by Dann (January 13, 2008)
hpr0011.mp3 Hacker Public Radio Episode 11: dd_rhelp by Operat0r
(January 14, 2008)
hpr0012.mp3 Hacker Public Radio Episode 12: Xen by Mirovengi (January 16, 2008)
hpr0013.mp3 Hacker Public Radio Episode 13: LPI Certifications Part 1
by Ken Fallon (January 17, 2008)
hpr0014.mp3 Hacker Public Radio Episode 14: Databases 101 Part 2 by
Stankdawg (January 18, 2008)

So, I ask.... can anyone else make these for the remaining episodes I
haven't described yet? I'm sure it's just a little ripping and
scripting action, I just don't have the time right now and I'd like to
have the full descriptions up when I announce it. Obviously you need
only do this for the main directory, since I can do sed for putting in
the .ogg and .spx versions.

Who wants to be the hero.

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