[Hpr] HPR stickers ordered. Disbursement?

Patrick pdailey03 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 05:24:38 PST 2011

I've placed the order for 500 stickers from 123stickers.com. I need to take some to the Northeast GNU/Linux Fest, and I need to send some to Ken Fallon for distribution to our European friends. I'd also like to send some out to somone who runs a table at another fest stateside if their's any left over. Also, I could keep the some, and mail them out to HPR contributors one at a time. It occured to me that contributors are actually the most likely to put them on their cars. That's the whole idea anyway, so I thought that might be worth the effort.

I'm writing to request input on how to disburse them. ie. How many should go out for each purpose? The total number will be just under 500, as I have to send some out to the folks who helped me pay for them.

My initial thought is to send 250 to Ken (are their 250 people in Europe? Europe is small, right?), bring 100 to NELF, send 100 to the next US fest that has HPR representation, and mail out 50 to HPR contributors individually. I think 50 is my limit unless I ask for postage. If you guys think asking for SASE is a good idea, then maybe those numbers should be reshuffled. Maybe they should be reshuffled anyway, but that's what I'm asking.

Thanks for your input,
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