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New hostsWelcome to Dismal
, N50 <http://hackerpublicradio.org/correspondents.php?hostid=142> and
.Show ReviewPodcasts by Phone

Every listener is strongly encouraged to send us one contribution per year.
In episode 636 pokey told us that his Mother also listens to the show from
time to time
To make it easy for *everyone and anyone* to contribute we now have call in
US: +1-206-312-5749
UK: +44-203-432-5879
Please include your name and email address.
Thanks to Russ Woodman - K5TUX and Arron 'Finux' Finnon for making this

Automation and RSS feed

   - RSS Feed: Delayed as it requires DB changes
   - Website: Site update that will allow you to upload a show on the

Syndicates Shows
(In addition to the previous mails )
After hearing 635 Dismal Science:: Cloudy Predictions I was reminded that
the speech Freedom In the Cloud: Software Freedom, Privacy, and Security for
Web 2.0 and Cloud
A Speech given by Eben Moglen at a meeting of the Internet Society's New
York branch on Feb 5, 2010 would be ideal for HPR. Then Fifty OneFifty
emailed to say "I noticed there hadn't been any recordings from LUG meetings
in a while. I thought you might want to ask for submissions where meetings
or talks (from various fests) are already recorded." With the scheduling
rules as they are at the moment, the syndicated don't ever get played.

   1. Time critical
   2. Scheduled Slots
   3. New Hosts
   4. HPR Content on a First in First Out basis.
   5. Syndicated shows on a First in First Out basis.

On the other side I've had comments that the "Flood Gates" had been opened
on the HPR feed.

So thinking about it I was thinking of reserving Tuesday and Thursday for
syndicated shows, LUG talks, Speeches and the like. Feedback to the mailing
list http://hackerpublicradio.org/maillist

Design Competition

I would like to have some mini-business cards made. Go to
http://kenfallon.com/?p=827 for more information.
HPR Promotion

   1. Going Linux podcast re-purposed the "Tom Merritt" episode for their
   Christmas-break episode
   2. Finux interviewed me on the first episode of his new podcasts Finux's
   Tech Weekly <http://www.finux.co.uk/> <http://www.finux.co.uk/>
   3. Dan and the lads at
<http://www.finux.co.uk/>TLLTs<http://tllts.org/> have
   been pimping HPR all month.
   4. Linux Outlaws gave us a big plug on episode
   5. Jonathan Nadeau over at Frost Cast <http://www.frostbitemedia.org/> for
   playing our promo
   6. Pokey has ordered the HPR stickers and thanks to Code Cruncher, Maia
   came to our rescue again. She uploaded all those shows to
archive.orglast month


Archive.org http://www.archive.org/details/hackerpublicradio
Jason Scott's textfiles.com http://audio.textfiles.com/shows/hpr/
Other News

   - Thanks Dave P. for point out that Caro.net link not working
   - sp0rus has signed up for a "Nameless Infosec Podcast on the first
   Tuesday of the month.
   - Stank tells us that there is already an icecast server set up and
   running so we can stream HPR shows
   - Ilan Rabinovitch links to banners for scale 9 which is on between
   2011/02/25 and 2011/02/27
   - If you have promotion banners please send them along and we'll add them
   to the site.
   - I still haven't found a way to automate the upload to Archive.org -
   anyone want to investigate that ?
   - We have a facebook group at hackerpublicradio.org/facebook
   - We have a Linked-In group hackerpublicradio.org/linkedin
   - We have a iTunes page at hackerpublicradio.org/itunes

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