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First, I want to express my regard to everyone who has taken it upon
themselves to represent HPR at events out of their own pockets and I'm not
suggesting they should incur any additional expense.  I saw the device
above, a Bluetooth headset plus HD  camera with iPhone and Android support
and decided I was looking at the future of open culture correspondence.  As
manufactures are forced to add features to sell next generation devices,
video in Bluetooth headsets will become cheap, invisible, and ubiquitous.
Whatever the wearer hears and sees could be streamed live to the web.  Of
course, five of these at an event would bring the WiFi network to it's knees
(do cell providers even track upstream?).  Since more affordable devices for
recording interviews had been a topic for this newsletter previously, I
thought this device might be of interest.

It struck me the other day that historians will look back to our modern era
as a paradigm shift perhaps as great as the printing press.  Many of us now
carry portable cameras and videos recorders with us at all times, and they
are not  uncommon in less developed regions.  From now on, any event in
human history will be recorded  in real time sound and video, and from
multiple perspectives.  The real challenge to history will shift from
searching for a first person source to sifting through all the data.
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