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As per request of ken_fallon, This is a rough draft, no spell check was
used. To help with watching the editing. Could you please use [] and {}
around your changes. I'll check back on this thread often to keep changes up
to date as they come through. This way ken_fallon can simply copy/paste into
the hpr CMS.

HPR Guidelines for fests.

1) You are here to represent the HPR community not yourself. Please refrain
from religious and political discussion unless it is directly pertinent to
an episode. (GNU theology is allowed and encouraged)

2) Be kind and courteous to all attendees of the fest regardless of your
opinion or history with them as per guideline #1

3) Try to not use your time at the HPR booth to shamelessly promote
your business. Although it is ok to direct attendees to your website that
does not gain you an income.

4) Do not disparage other members of the community.

5) Attempt to highlight when you are stating your opinion vs. when you are
giving facts. I.E. KDE > Gnome

Items to think about bringing to the fest

1) blank cds and dvds. 25-200 depending on size of the fest and ability to
afford them. These should be used to issue either an archive of the hpr
shows or your own "best of...." compilation. (side note: if you do a
compilation, please post the show #'s that you used to the mailing list as
this would be useful for other people running the booth later.)

2) A way to play HPR shows to the public in a non offensive way. This
meaning that you should not play the volume of the episode loud enough as to
disrupt conversations of nearby attendees. Ideas for this: laptop with shows
loaded into a music player, mp3/ogg portable player with either headphones
or small speakers. Streaming media if you know that you are going to have
internet access.

3) Stickers and tshirts -- contact pokey for this?

End of rough draft

-- cobra2
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