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dosman dosman at packetsniffers.org
Thu Jun 2 10:01:19 PDT 2011

My 2 cents... Unless there's been a problem requiring rules to be set,  
don't complicate the measure with them. We're hackers, we'll find a  
loophole anyway.


On Jun 2, 2011, at 11:47 AM, Code Cruncher wrote:

> From my experience at LinuxFest Northwest I have to say it works well
> without rules. People come up to you and want to know what HPR stands
> for. So you start with answering that question and then go into  
> whatever
> topics are of interest ... "to hackers" ...
> We have a conference pack (currently on its way to Spartanburg):
> - 90 oval stickers
> - 400 mini business cards
> - HPR banner (made by pokey's mom, sign it!)
> - 2 Books with all the shows accessible via QR codes (the best way to
> distribute shows at a conference! see photo here:
> https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/cMsacMCD4h43R_nFHxyDRw?feat=directlink
> )
> - 13 T-shirts (not to give away, but for those representing HPR to  
> keep,
> like one a day, hope the sizes fit)
> - white tablecloth
> What you can bring in addition:
> - Laptop to browse the HPR website, play slideshows of our photos in
> picasa or whatever you can prepare, play audio promos (download them
> here: http://hackerpublicradio.org/contribute.php). HPR logo as
> desktop/screensaver.
> - A microphone to record interviews and do ad hoc podcasting.
> We tried playing some of the recent shows, mainly the interview with
> with stawkdog, bit it was not very realistic, because the show floor  
> was
> very loud and the people coming by did not have that much of an
> attention span to really get into listening to content.
> Being at the HPR table at LFNW was a blast! I was tempted to flight to
> Spartenburg to do it again.
> Cheers - cc.
> On 02.06.11 8:17 , Ken Fallon wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 3:11 PM, Cobra 2 <cobra2 at linuxbasement.com>  
>> wrote:
>>> As per request of ken_fallon, This is a rough draft, no spell  
>>> check was
>>> used. To help with watching the editing. Could you please use []  
>>> and {}
>>> around your changes. I'll check back on this thread often to keep  
>>> changes up
>>> to date as they come through. This way ken_fallon can simply copy/ 
>>> paste into
>>> the hpr CMS.
>>> HPR Guidelines for fests.
>>> 1) You are here to represent the HPR community not yourself.  
>>> Please refrain
>>> from religious and political discussion unless it is directly  
>>> pertinent to
>>> an episode. (GNU theology is allowed and encouraged)
>>> 2) Be kind and courteous to all attendees of the fest regardless  
>>> of your
>>> opinion or history with them as per guideline #1
>>> 3) Try to not use your time at the HPR booth to shamelessly promote
>>> your business. Although it is ok to direct attendees to your  
>>> website that
>>> does not gain you an income.
>>> 4) Do not disparage other members of the community.
>>> 5) Attempt to highlight when you are stating your opinion vs. when  
>>> you are
>>> giving facts. I.E. KDE > Gnome
>> There are no restrictions on what can be talked about on HPR so we
>> shouldn't be imposing any on people at the booth. Anyway, I don't
>> think this is something we even need to worry about. Anyone can  
>> upload
>> anything the like and it will get aired without been vetted so long  
>> as
>> it's "audible". The history of HPR shows that people have have always
>> been clear in saying when it is their opinion, and most even going so
>> far as playing devils advocate for opposing views. More importantly I
>> plan to spend most of my time at the booth OggCamp11 disparaging
>> klaatu :) This year I'll have the highest number of podcasts. NOBODY
>> CAN STOP ME !!!!  Muuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaa. (For details on
>> how to contribute a show so that I don't get #1 slot please go to
>> http://hackerpublicradio.org/contribute.php)
>>> Items to think about bringing to the fest
>>> 1) blank cds and dvds. 25-200 depending on size of the fest and  
>>> ability to
>>> afford them. These should be used to issue either an archive of  
>>> the hpr
>>> shows or your own "best of...." compilation. (side note: if you do a
>>> compilation, please post the show #'s that you used to the mailing  
>>> list as
>>> this would be useful for other people running the booth later.)
>> There are about 17G of files now. Which makes up 25CD's or 3 DVD's of
>> shows. You are allowed to redistribute them but you are not allowed  
>> to
>> sell them as the  are released under a Non Commercial CC license. I'd
>> be reluctant to do a best of show as all contributions are equally
>> important. It might be an idea to burn CD's there based on what  
>> people
>> are interested in. If the site search needs to be improved to support
>> this let me know.
>> http://hackerpublicradio.org/search.php?searchterm=chickens
>>> 2) A way to play HPR shows to the public in a non offensive way.  
>>> This
>>> meaning that you should not play the volume of the episode loud  
>>> enough as to
>>> disrupt conversations of nearby attendees. Ideas for this: laptop  
>>> with shows
>>> loaded into a music player, mp3/ogg portable player with either  
>>> headphones
>>> or small speakers. Streaming media if you know that you are going  
>>> to have
>>> internet access.
>> There is also the aspect of safe for work to consider. Some episodes
>> may contain material that may offend so you as the booth
>> representative should pick shows that you feel will be appropriate to
>> the audience.
>>> 3) Stickers and tshirts -- contact pokey for this?
>> Stickers - Pokey for NCSA, Ken for EMEA, Peter64 for AP
>> Business cards - Code Cruncher/Ken
>> HPR Banner - Pokey
>> QR Sheets - http://hackerpublicradio.org/cc.php
>> I'm working on a Presentation to play in the background on a laptop
>> Ken.
>>> End of rough draft
>>> -- cobra2
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