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Code Cruncher code.cruncher at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 2 22:23:29 PDT 2011


see here: http://hobbypublicradio.org/ it will come as soon as we have a
decision whether to go with wordpress or drupal for the new site and
developed it.

I've added the request for a wiki to the wishlist:

If you have some other ideas add some comments on hobbypublicradio.org
or send them to this maillist.

Cheers - cc.

On 02.06.11 5:45 , Cobra 2 wrote:
> Hi HPR community, 
> We need a way to put some information out to the community from the
> website outside of the mailing list. 
> I'm conducting a poll as to if the admins of HPR should implement a wiki. 
> 1) The wiki would be for the community to submit information such as
> conference guidelines and information of the same nature. Stuff that is
> subject to peer review and needs to be kept up to date as well as factual. 
> 2) The alternative to this would be to have a static page on the hpr
> site that only the admins can edit and peer review the content here on
> the mailing list. 
> After 2 weeks, I'll be going through the thread here and reposting the
> final results back to the mailing list. If a large discussion breaks
> out, this timeline will be extended to 4 weeks to allow for ample input
> from the community. Please post your feelings, ideas, and suggestions
> for wiki software and alternatives. 
> When you place a vote for one of these two ideas, simply reply back with
> "1" or "2" in the body of your email. Anything else should be added to
> a separate email to help me with the tally of the votes. 
> -- cobra2 
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