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Fri Jun 3 11:36:00 PDT 2011

On Friday 03 June 2011 15:07:37 cobra2 wrote:
> What is the purpose of removeing the NC clause?
> -- cobra2

Actually, I would turn that around and ask "what is the purpose of HAVING the 
NC clause?"

>From a risk-analysis point of view, I suspect having or not-having the NC 
clause won't make much difference either way, but personally I think there's a 
small net positive by removing the "Non-Commercial" restriction.

I'm making assumptions here, but I'm assuming that two things that are 
important to Hacker Public Radio are that the media reaches the largest 
audience that it reasonably can, and that the audience in question is able to 
"hack" on the media itself to remix or simply redistribute it.

The "Non-Commercial" clause may discourage people from rebroadcasting or 
redistributing it if they are, for example, running an advertiser supported 
site or broadcast station, or if they want to sell CD's with the audio and so 

I get that people reflexively don't want others to profit unfairly from their 
work, but with the "Share-Alike" provision in place, it seems unlikely that 
ripping off Hacker Public Radio media is a good target for someone to make 
money on (and anyone who's likely to ignore the "Share-Alike" provision is
unlikely to be hindered by the "Non-Commercial" provision, either).

tl;dr: I suspect that if the NC clause is having any effect at all, it's 
discouraging a small number of possible additional outlets for HPR, while 
doing virtually nothing to stop potential "bad people" from misusing it.

Disclaimer: As I have not yet contributed to HPR, it's obviously easy for me 
to say this.  I swear to Apshai I'm planning to offer to commit to a monthly 
slot starting Real Soon Now, though.  Really.
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