[Hpr] Meeting regarding backend selection for HPR

Code Cruncher code.cruncher at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 21 23:44:18 PDT 2011

Hi Ken,

thanks for bringing this up. It was on my mind too, but then I got sick
and could not really talk ... yes, I would like to be involved.

Are you still thinking about doing a mumble session do discuss this?
Can we also discuss how to organize the 'work'?
For me it is just easier to keep contributing if there is a bit of a
plan or strategy.

cheers - cc

On 21.06.11 22:12 , Ken Fallon wrote:
> Hi All,
> We had a family weekend last week and I completely forgot to schedule
> a call about selecting a backend for the  website.
> Currently we are testing wordpress (http://hobbypublicradio.org/),
> drupla ( http://imahuph.net/hpradmin1/ ) and an updated version of the
> current site.
> If you would like to be involved in selecting (or helping us select)
> one then please reply to the list.
> Ken.
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