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My first attempt at sending this email either failed or got summarily
ignored.  I'm sending again, just in case it was the former.

Ken's recent Interview With Stankdawg drove home the point that a lot of new
listeners of HPR don't actually realize that HPR is and always has been a
BinRev project.  I think this is a bit of a shame for two reasons:

1. A lot of us as podcasters and hackers were incredibly influenced by
binrev radio.  I myself count Stankdawg as one of my primary influences and
he even gets the very dubious honor of being the reason I record myself in
glorious 8000hz and pimp a proper lo-fi sound.


2. binrev is a strong and important "brand" - it has been around a long time
now; along with 2600, it's done a lot for the "hacker" image and sense of
identity, and it's an important part of HPR as well as hacker tradition and

In short, I think we should take ownership of our heritage.

It has often puzzled me, actually, as to why HPR was positioned as a
separate entitiy from binrev; I kind of assumed that BinRev wanted to be a
more or less invisible sponsor, and maybe early on it did help more people
find HPR by having it as its own thing.  But I think HPR and BinRev are both
being hurt by not claiming affiliation and capitalizing on the BinRev brand.

For instance, I have recently done an outro without the "Sponsored by Caro
dot net" part; it would be trivial to add something like "HPR is a part of
the Binary Revolution...blah blah blah" -- or whatever.  I don't know if it
would also be significant to add some subtext to the Hacker Public Radio
logo or title graphic that states it is a "A Binary Revolution Project" or
something like that.  I don't know, I don't want to go overboard but I do
think a little more acknowledgement could be good.

Anyone else thinking in this direction or am I just spouting off rhetoric
from marketing class?

-- klaatu

uzu linukso. subtenu libera programaro.
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