[Hpr] HPR Roundtable at Phreaknic

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Sun Sep 11 19:50:33 PDT 2011

I won't be at Phreaknic although I'd like to go some day.  Anyway, last year
i think a bunch of us did a panel about HPR at Ohio Linux Fest.  It turned
out really well.  I don't remember if we really had planned anything for it
yet, but we just kinda talked about what the show was (yes, believe it or
not, a lot of people do not know about HPR), and how we each recorded our
eps (like what gear and apps we used), talked about some of our personal
favourite shows, and stuff like that.

People really seemed to enjoy it - the audience and the panelists.  I highly
recommend it.


On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 10:57 PM, <sp0rus.cs at gmail.com> wrote:

> I know a lot of HPR contributors will be at Phreaknic this year, and was
> wondering if anyone else would be interested in doing some sort of HPR
> Roundtable discussion to be recorded and played on the network.
> Not a fully fleshed out idea, but I think it's worth discussion, so,
> discuss.
> -sp0rus
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