[Hpr] LinuxFest Northwest Table - Join up!

David Whitman davidglennwhitman at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 09:55:22 PDT 2012

David Whitman writes:

On April 28 and 29 2012 I will be manning the HPR table at LinuxFest
Northwest. This is an open invitation for you to join me representing HPR.
Be assured that this is not asking a full time commitment from you during
the fest. Let me know if you will be there to help and I'll get a HPR
T-shirt ready for you. (In this case size matters) Big picture plans are to
hand out pin buttons, stickers, info on contributing and listening to HPR,
getting some interviews and arranging future interviews, getting a
'Congratulations on 1000 episodes" shout out from the crowd for the EP1K
episode, getting Pokey a Linux beer (HPR episode 946) for mailing  the
table kit to me and just having some all around fun. (I think that was a
run on sentence - take that MISS RONSTADT~circa 1970). I have a netbook and
a microphone for recording, a laptop to show Ken_Fallon's slide show of HPR
in a continuous loop, and a couple of backup recording devices and all the
gear. Email me if you can contribute. I can be found on Google +, Identi.ca
and sometimes I hang out on #oggcastplanet (sneaked in at work via #andchat
on my phone).

Hey thanks much - see ya there,

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