[Hpr] Swearing?

Kenneth 'Seetee' Frantzen hpr at alltinomit.se
Mon Apr 30 08:04:41 PDT 2012

H'lo everyon!

Just a quick question.

I recorded an interview with a developer of the Drupal CMS, and will 
submit that as a show. As far as I know you do not really care if there 
are swearing and referenses to drinking and such.

The developer in question was from Denmark, and are known for his foul 
mouth and taste for beer.

Since his degree of swearing was a bit higher than "normal" people, I have 
decided to put a little disclaimer in the intro, just informing those who 
are a bit more sensitive than others to perhaps skip that perticular show.

Do you have any other policy in place that I should be aware of?

/Kenneth "Seetee" Frantzen

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