[Hpr] Swearing?

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Mon Apr 30 10:55:40 PDT 2012

Regardless of policy, I believe the disclaimer is the right thing to do

On Apr 30, 2012 11:05 AM, "Kenneth 'Seetee' Frantzen" <hpr at alltinomit.se>

> H'lo everyon!
> Just a quick question.
> I recorded an interview with a developer of the Drupal CMS, and will
> submit that as a show. As far as I know you do not really care if there are
> swearing and referenses to drinking and such.
> The developer in question was from Denmark, and are known for his foul
> mouth and taste for beer.
> Since his degree of swearing was a bit higher than "normal" people, I have
> decided to put a little disclaimer in the intro, just informing those who
> are a bit more sensitive than others to perhaps skip that perticular show.
> Do you have any other policy in place that I should be aware of?
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