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Topic “Project Ep1k”

I wanted to summarize and clarify the plans that are being made towards
episodes 1000 and 1024 that pokey, ken Fallon, and I discussed on Monday's
end of the month review.  We have plenty of time, so I just wanted to get
some notes down to establish a framework for community input.

Phase I, Episode 1000;  As Ken stated, this will be a compilation of audio
recordings of well wishes upon reaching HPR 1000 that I am going to ask all
hosts past and present to submit.  So it's not all “Good luck and congrats
HPR” 100 times, I'd like to ask everyone to include a short reminiscence of
why they chose to become a TWaTech/HPR contributor, or a funny anecdote of
the things that happen while broadcasting, etc.  Don't worry if you can't
think of anything, we still want to hear from you (and if you are going to
be on the panel, save you best stories for 1024 ;).  You can e-mail
submissions to ep1k at hackerpublicradio.org and it will come to my mail box.
[Ken – can you also create a folder on the FTP server for Project Ep1k
submissions – Thanks]  I will also shamelessly solicit well wishes from
other podcasts when time draws closer and ask for air time to promote both

Phase II, Episode 1024; I am going to be contacting as may of the TwaTech
and first year (2008) HPR hosts as I can and invite them to join a
prerecorded discussion panel to be released as ep1024.
 A. Medium - With my slow Internet, if I am going to host, we will be
limited to Mumble or perhaps Teamspeak, and probably 20 participants
 B. Co-host:  While I've taken on the responsibility for organization, I'd
like to have a co-host on board in case I get called away at the appointed
hour.  I also think I'd like to have a backup recording, last weekend when
we did the review I missed a lot of what Ken was saying even though he
sounded fine in the podcast.  I'd hate to have to re-do because of my slow
Internets.  It was also plain I had a delay, on the podcast I keep stepping
on Ken when from my end I thought I was keying in to an open spot in the
 C. Scheduling – I think we can accommodate the schedules of the greatest
number of people by recording on a weekend, at least a week before 1024
comes up on the calendar.
 D. Community participation
 I. Question for the Panel - I already have some general ideas for
questions to ask the panel (see above).  I'd very much like to hear what
you would like me to ask them from now to the event, so forward any ideas
to ep1k at hackerpublicradio.org
 II. Audience Participation – While not everybody can jump into Mumble, we
could stream the show again and solicit questions from IRC.  I'm torn here,
I want 1024 to be a special event and I'm afraid it might spoil it if
everyone already heard it on the stream a week before.  I'll ask for
community input on this one in the mailing list.
 E. Potential Panel Participants – This is the pool of hosts as I've
compiled it.  Don't think I've forgotten you if you don't hear from me
right away, this is a process and I want to personalize the invitations as
much as possible.  Of course, if you read your handle on the list and want
to go ahead and contact me at ep1k at hackerpublicradio.org and tell me
whether or not you have an interest in participation, please fell free.  I
want to give everyone a chance and would like to have a mix of contributors
who are still active with HPR or other podcasts and those I haven't heard
on the air for a while. If I wind up in the enviable position of having to
narrow the panel to about 20, with the permission of the community I am
willing to make the selections, I hope no one would have hard feelings if
they get left out.
 I. BinRev Radio – StankDog (who has already gratiously agreed to
participate) and black ratchet
 II. Today With a Techie - Adam Alk3 Bitviper blackmath  Blackratchet  cid
Coder365  coldsteal  Cottonballs  Dann Washko DarkShadow  Dominic Uilano
dosman  Dospod  Drake Anubis  Draven  droops  Dr^ZigMan  dual_parallel
Electroman  Enigma  Faceman  GeoNine  Haq  Irongeek  J-Hood  Jason Scott
javatard  Ken Fallon  Killersmurf  kitche  Kn1ghtl0rd  kotrin  Kynan Dent
L3pprd/ocCode  LinLin  livinded  Lord Drachenblut Luminaire  Lunarsphere
Lunarsphere Madjimisimi  Mc Frontalot  Merk Messyman  Metatron  mirovengi
Morgellon A MrE  Mubix  operat0r  p0trill0  pat  Phizone  Pixelfiend
Plexi  ponyboy  riscphree  Scedha  Seal  Silver  skrye  slick0 spaceout
spiffytech  thewtex  ThoughtPhreaker Will Jasen  Xcalibur  Zach
 III. HPR (2008 – hosts on previous lists omitted) - deepgeek Peter
Nikolaidis & Scott Willsey Plexi Chess Griffin Dave Yates klaatu Xoke
W3lshrarebit Bitviper DjBoo MadRush finux rowinggolfer Tottenkoph Skirlet
MC Smedley jelkimantis Cybercod Silver EC Lug (HPR's first syndicated
series, I thought asking a member to participate would be appropriate)
riddlebox threethirty UberChick Jrullo Jeremy weex monsterb UTOSC Chad
Wollenberg dwick Roadrunner pixel Juice
IV.  Let me know if I missed anyone not credited in the show notes

Please keep in mind this is the initial outline, we have months to refine
it, and it is certainly subject to discussion, change, and input from the
HPR community.  Submitted for your approval: FiftyOneFifty
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